Poetry Recordings

You can hear some of the poems from my early collections at the UK's Poetry Archive.

Radio: Poetry for the Season

And poetry programmes on Radio Maria at Spotify,

Why poetry?

Find out the answer in God and the Poet at Humanum Review. I also discuss the role of being a poet in my conversion, and my conversion in my poetry. 


Presenting "Night's Bright Darkness" at the English College in Rome, February 2017

New poems by Sally Read

Gethsemane is one of the poems from my new collection, Dawn of this Hunger, and is up at the Poetry Room. You can read it here.


And On a Photo of John Bradburne for his One Hundredth Birthday, commissioned for the recent centenary of the Servant of God's birth, is here. 

New Collection: I'm delighted to say that my new collection of poetry Dawn of this Hunger will be out later this year with Angelico Press and Second Spring!

Birds have become a trope in my work lately, and part of that is due to stumbling on an old out-of-print book, "Sold for a Farthing" by Clare Kipps. It's a phenomenal story and I review it at the Humanum Review.


Shakespeare and Company, Paris, 2011.

A reading to promote Roddy Lumsden's Identity Parade (Bloodaxe Books)