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Pre-conversion poetry books

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Praise for:

The Day Hospital

.. a powerful piece, cleverly constructed, which balances restraint against the violence, horror and despair of its subjects....It's exciting to encounter a volume which does something differently, yet does it so profoundly that the reader can admire the craft even as they are moved by the subject.

-Noel Williams, in North 50

"The Day Hospital" is of its kind a triumph. 'Found poetry'--yes. But it took an alert poet to recognise these poems in their day-clothes, and a poet of considerable sensitivity to handle them with such dexterity. And, indeed, with such modesty..... a poetic experience you won't foget.

- Carrie Etter in Acumen



Broken Sleep

Read's poems are tight and controlled, but full of delicious descriptions and honest reflections. ..... It's a book built around a beautiful and unobtrusive architecture; presenting personal experience with honesty and emotion.

- Emily Hasler, in The Warwick Review

These poems are a joy; they are for thousands of mothers who will whisper 'yes' over and over again, as I did and they are for one particular child.

- Ann Drysdale, in Envoi



The Point of Splitting

Direct, searing, and very very truthful

-Bonnie Greer

'The Point of Splitting' marks the debut of an accomplished writer, not only one to watch, but one to read now, for her wit, craft, and clear vision

- John Burnside

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