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"The current Catholic literary revival takes a huge leap forward with this essential new book. "100 Great Catholic Poems" not only lives up to its ambitious title, but exceeds it. Editor Sally Read presents an arresting cross section of the best poems from antiquity to the modern age: then she adds a useful and engaging note for each selection. This anthology helps restore a lost legacy to the Church. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a cardinal, you will want this book on your shelf."

Dana Gioia, Former California Poet Laureate and Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

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"Dawn of this Hunger" is a startling literary achievement. Nothing in the work of any contemporary poet prepares us for the impact of these poems. To the passion and exactness with which Sally Read evokes the story of the Incarnation-- from conception to resurrection--is added, in poem after poem, against all expectation, ways in which so many of the details of that story, both great and small, are found to be resonant with our own lives, our own fears and desires, our own hunger."

- Paul Murray OP

**UK customers can support independent press publishing by buying this collection direct from Second Spring **

Non fiction

Sally Read discovers, in Mary's experience, the pattern of all believers in miniature. She beautifully weaves into one fabric our doubts, fears, raptures, and vocations with those of Mary, the first of us to receive within herself the Word of God.

Al Kresta, President Ave Maria Radio

If you ever wished for your own personal Road to Emmaus experience then this is the book for you. I felt as though Sally and I were sitting together in a charming Italian bistro while she was nonchalantly explaining all the complicated truths of our Catholic faith in a simple, conversational manner.

Kendra Tierney, Author, The Catholic All Year Compendium

Sally Read's story is the best and liveliest account of a converion for a generation. It is a story of divine grace as moving and unexpected as it is luminous and profound.

- Paul Murray OP, Angelicum University, Rome

Warning: don't start this book unless you intend to finish it. From the first part I was completely captured until the end.

Steven K. Ray, Author, Crossing the Tiber

In this brilliantly written, candid, sometimes shocking unveiling by Sally Read, we see vividly the fingerprints of the Holy Spirit on a heart once impenetrably hard and shut off, but then opened and reborn by the merciful joy of our triune God

Marcus Grodi, EWTN host, "The Journey Home"

Pre conversion poetry books

... a powerful piece, cleverly constructed, which balances restraint against the violence, horror and despair of its subjects....It's exciting to encounter a volume which does something differently, yet does it so profoundly that the reader can admire the craft even as they are moved by the subject.

-Noel Williams, in North 50

"The Day Hospital" is of its kind a triumph. 'Found poetry'--yes. But it took an alert poet to recognise these poems in their day-clothes, and a poet of considerable sensitivity to handle them with such dexterity. And, indeed, with such modesty..... a poetic experience you won't foget.

Carrie Etter in Acumen

Read's poems are tight and controlled, but full of delicious descriptions and honest reflections. ..... It's a book built around a beautiful and unobtrusive architecture; presenting personal experience with honesty and emotion.

- Emily Hasler, in The Warwick Review

These poems are a joy; they are for thousands of mothers who will whisper 'yes' over and over again, as I did and they are for one particular child.

Ann Drysdale, in Envoi

Direct, searing, and very very truthful

-Bonnie Greer

'The Point of Splitting' marks the debut of an accomplished writer, not only one to watch, but one to read now, for her wit, craft, and clear vision

John Burnside

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