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In my online one on one sessions I draw on my experience teaching mental health patients, students, and those who are writing outside of the classroom or any particular community. I love working with writers of all levels-- whether they are putting together a book for publication, or just starting out. I also look at completed manuscripts and give editorial advice.

2026 will see the publication of my ninth book. My publications cover poetry, non-fiction, memoir, literary memoir and children's fiction. I find that looking at other people's work-- being that oh-so-valuable other set of eyes-- is very rewarding and I hope I can offer sensitivity and expertise to anyone wishing to write or read better.

Please get in touch at the contact page to request details. 

"Sally's meticulous attention to detail is accompanied by an ability to instantly sense my broader vision for the text...She has helped me hone my craft without ever imposing her own style or preferences. She has a true gift for enabling writers to flourish on their own terms."

Sofia, memoirist

"As an old yet fledgling want-to-be poet, the first person I send any of my work to is Sally Read. She has wisdom, sensitivity and an encyclopedic knowledge of poetry that enables US to work together to help me create what it is that I am attempting to say on my own. I think that her life experience, her conversion, and her faith provide a perfect backdrop to help the variety of eccentricities that poets as a whole bring to their work and to their readers. I trust no one else."

Pat, poet

"Sally's feedback was sensitive, constructive and encouraging. The line to line suggestions were detailed, and she helped identify overall themes. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

Maria, poet

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